About MSRM


The club has been in existence for more than 40 years.  Its last alias was The Diss and District Radio Control Flyers.  At present, the club consists of approximately 60+ members.   All the club members are also members of the BMFA.  Our membership comes from as far afield as Hadleigh in the south, Felixstowe, Ipswich and Woodbridge to the east, Norwich to the north and Bacton and Stowmarket to the west.  The skill level of our membership range from  beginners to people who have been flying RC planes, helicopters and gliders for over 20 years.  Most of them have BMFA Achievement certificates at A level, and a few at B level.   The club has a number of  BMFA registered instructors, a BMFA Qualified Instructor and an Examiner.  All of  them have been flying for several years and have attained the BMFA achievement at A and B level.  The Club now can offer to conduct any A Tests and, with support from the Area Achievement Scheme Coordinator, fixed wing B Tests.  Other tests can be arranged if required.

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  • The club is always happy to accept new members and has a grass site to fly from. 
  • The Club can provide those who are new to radio control flying with trial flights to see if they wish to join and learn to fly.
  • The Club offers a structured training plan and trainees are allocated an instructor to provide continuity of training.  We use the BMFA’s Flying Start syllabus to conduct training to achieve solo standard and then to pass the BMFA A Certificate test.

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