Field Open

Following the latest Government guidelines, we have decided to re-open the flying field as of Saturday 16th May 2020.

However please do remember that some members are only able to fly at weekends due to work etc., so please do be considerate. All social distancing and hygiene guidelines must be followed at all times, and to this end we can allow only three people on the flight line/pilots box at any one time. For the time being until we get used to these new conditions the pilot box has red dots a metre apart for guidance, the walkway also has metre spaced dots at the entrance, and dashes either side to leave a two-metre space in the middle. The walkway between pits and field has been widened to three metres, please walk on the left and keep close to the edge.

Obviously if we have good flying weather there may be difficulties with more pilots than space, so if you are able to use “Teamup” please do, and those members on Facebook could use that medium.

It will be great to get flying again, I hope all those that do have a really enjoyable time.   

The application of common-sense is vital and hopefully this will allow us to resume flying in a safe and controlled manner.