Stoke Ash to host GBRCAA Aerobatic competition 26th June 2021.

Pilots and Judges

MSRM are delighted to announce that our field will be used to host a round of this prestigious competition on Saturday 26th June.

Peter Jenkins normally runs 2 aerobatic competitions every year. This year one will be on Sat 26th June and the other on Sat 18th September. The competitions are run under the Great Britain Radio Control Aerobatic Association (GBRCAA) which is a specialist body of the BMFA and responsible for selecting the team that flies in the FAI’s World and European Championships. The competition runs for the whole day and has around 16 pilots competing in 4 classes: FAI, Masters, Intermediate and Clubman. We generally fly electric aircraft but a very few still (currently I’m aware of only 1) fly IC – usually powered by a well silenced YS 4 stroke engine so not at all noisy. Aircraft are flown one at a time through the day. We aim to fly 48 flights and these last between 5 mins (Clubman) to 8 mins (Masters and FAI).

Flying normally starts at around 9 am and finishes around 4 pm.

Peter Jenkins will be the Contest Director and be responsible for the conduct of the day.

More details will follow nearer the time.