Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES)

In case you are unsure of how the new Drone Laws affect you, here is a short summary:

  • As of 1st Dec 2019, you need to demonstrate your understanding of the laws.  This can be done either by holding:
    • a BMFA A, BPC or higher achievement
    • doing the BMFA Competency Testclick here to go to the test if you do not have an A/BPC or higher achievement.  You can take the test as many times as you like until you pass.
    • doing the CAA’s Competency Test.  The BMFA suggests you do the BMFA test rather than the CAA test.
  • You must be registered with the CAA as an Operator.  This is best done by using the Club to register you when you pay your Club and BMFA subscription and costs £9 and you may already have done so.  For the initial registration, the BMFA will send a list of all BMFA members who need registering to the CAA at the end of January 2020.  The CAA will then email all BMFA applicants with their CAA Operator number.  This number must be appended to all the models you intend to fly in letters no smaller than 3 mm high.  It must be on the model but can be located inside the model provided it only requires a hatch to be removed to access the number.  You must do this no later than 23 Feb 2020.
  • You must carry with you when you are flying the following documents:
    • Your BMFA membership card – either the one printed off the website or the one you pay £3 for to get from the BMFA.
    • A copy of your A/BPC or higher certificate or certificate showing you have passed the BMFA Registration Competency Test
    • A copy of the exemptions that the CAA has issued for the 4 model flying organisations including the BMFA.  They were included in the last issue of the BMFA News.  If you did not keep them then you can download them from this website.  They are:
      • BMFA Members permission to fly above 400 ft
      • SUA – FPV Flying for BMFA Members (if you fly FPV)
      • SUA Operator Registration Requirements for BMFA Members
      • Remote Pilots Competency Requirements for Remote Pilots in Possession of a BMFA Achievement Certificate
      • Remote Pilots Competency Requirements for Remote Pilots Operating under a CAA Permission or Exemption

Once you have put all these documents together, stick them in a waterproof folder and carry it with you when ever you fly.  If you are ever challenged by the Police regarding your legality to fly your model aircraft, you will need these documents to satisfy them that you are doing so legally.  It is not the Club that you will need to convince that you are operating legally!